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Plastic Stalls and Cubicles Product KitSP_ProductKit_Thumbnail_ShowerStalls.png

The right solutions for every facility.


When you need shower stalls, cubicles, or dressing partitions, HDPE materials from Scranton Products offer you the strength and durability to help you avoid lofty maintenance costs.


We know that choosing the right materials for your facility can be difficult. That’s why we give you all of the information you need to make the right decision. Find out more about why people choose our shower stalls and dressing compartments over other brands and how they can save you both time and money by downloading this FREE product kit.


 Receive your FREE Plastic Stalls and Cubicles Product Kit today by filling out the form on the right and clicking Download Now.


This product kit contains:

SP_ProductKit_Icons_BrochureBW-1.pngSP_ProductKit_Icons_SpecsBW-1.png  SP_ProductKit_Icons_ColorChartBW-1.png SP_ProductKit_Icons_DrawingsBW-1.png SP_ProductKit_Icons_InstallationGuideBW-1.png SP_ProductKit_Icons_CareMaintenanceBW-1.png  SP_ProductKit_Icons_WarrantyBW-1.png SP_ProductKit_Icons_ArchitecturalBinderBW-1.png

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